R Resources

Textbook: R for Political Data Science / AnalizaR Datos Políticos

Co-edited with Francisco Urdinez

A textbook that introduces R and the tidyverse from scratch using examples from Latin American political science.

Course: Programming for the Social Sciences

From 2019 to 2021 I taught a computational social science class for undergraduate students at UDP and PUC. The link above has class materials for the 2020 edition at PUC (in Spanish).

R package: inexact

A package to supervise fuzzy joins, i.e. a tool for dealing with non-standardized ID variables when joining data sets. See my slides for the Toronto Workshop on Reproducibility.

R package: tesseractgt

A package to generate “ground truth” data for retraining or fine-tuning Tesseract’s optical character recognition (OCR) neural network. See the blog post.